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Compact Humidi

Compact Humidi

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The Compact Humidi is a portable air humidifier which is easy to use and has many benefits for your health. 

This stylish compact device will not only look great in any environment, but can also aid with respiratory and allergy problems. Simply fill the tank with water and enjoy clean, humidified air. The Compact Humidi can aid during sickness, relaxation and skin care.  

Having a stressful day? Need to relax? The Compact Humidi can give you your answers. Simply add in essential oils of your choice such a lavender, frankincense or eucalyptus to the water, sit back and relax. Enjoy not only the essential oils but the ambiance of the warm candlelight effect given off by the Compact Humidi.  

The Compact Humidi will fit into any setting, perfect on the bedside table, desks, side table or anywhere else you need it.  


Why get yours?  

Easy to use: The Compact  is simple to use and can be used anywhere for example in your car, bedroom, bathroom, child’s nursery, office and anywhere else in your home. The modern clean stylish design will fit into any setting and compliment your environment. Simple usage makes this easy to use by filling the tank with water as directed or oils, plug in and enjoy. The simple button allows you to add the ambiance of candle lighting to give you the extra cosy, relaxing feel.  

Safety: The Compact Humidi has a compact charging port, C cable and USB. The safety mechanism in place ensures the Compact Humidi turns off when the water is low, making it a safe device to have use anywhere including a baby nursery or toddler room. The safety device also means you can really relax.  

Versatility: The Compact Humidi is made from high quality plastic giving it a premium look and feel. It is easy to clean if you have used essential oils in the water simply wash the filler cup with warm water and wipe dry 



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