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Jade Roller and Gua Sha Board

Jade Roller and Gua Sha Board

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Relieve fatigue, pain and relax your body with this face and body massager 


This jade roller can serve you in many ways, from anti-wrinkles, face-lifting and shaping to body massaging.This beautifully simple tool can aid in promoting circulation, reducing dark circles and lines. It can promote blood circulation, healing and/or reduce puffiness.  

The roller is easy to hold with a firm handle between the large and small rollers. These can be used to cover various angles on the face such as nose, eyes along with larger surface areas such as legs and arms.  

The stone is easy to hold in your hand. The various angles can be used on your face and body to aid circulation and shaping.  


Why get yours:  

Usage: The beautiful roller and stone are simple to use and easy to hold. The handle allows you to use this roller easily on various areas of your body. The roller and stone can be used along with serums and moistures as part of your daily skin care routine and body care. 


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