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Lint eraser

Lint eraser

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Struggling with lint and pet hairs on your clothing or on other fabric materials in your home then this is the perfect product for you.

This lint remover is made from biodegradable environmentally friendly plastic. It has two heads, one is a white double serrated plastic blade which allows to easily remove lint and fuzz. The grey comb teeth on the other side is used to smoothen the fabric after using the double serrated blade on the fabric. Leaving you to enjoy you fresh, clean, fur and lint free cloths and fabrics. 

It is best to stretch the fabric and softly use the white double serrated blades to gently remove lint or pet hairs and then you can simply vacuum up the lint or hairs up.  The lint eraser can be used on carious soft fabrics including cloths, carpets, curtains, sofas and cushion. 


Why get yours? 

Easy to use: The lint eraser makes short work of cleaning up your clothes or other fabric materials within your home. It is small and light in weight making it easy to use and can be stored anywhere in your home or even in your car as this can also be used on your car’s fabric material seats to clean up after your pets.  

Durability: This tool has a solid handle which allows you to grip the handle well. It is environmental friendly made using biodegradable plastic, helping you make the ethical choice and making a difference. 

Measurements: This handy easy to use tool measures 12cm by 14cm making it a perfect size to use anywhere you have fabric materials in car or home.  It is also perfect to travel with, slip it in to your handbag, suitcase, carry bag and use when needed. 

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