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Knot Buster/ De-Shedder

Knot Buster/ De-Shedder

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Struggling with matted and knotted Dog or Cat fur then look no further as using this comb will make it easier to look after your pet by keeping their fur well combed. The comb will aid in preventing matting and knotting giving your pet a well-groomed and healthy look. The brush has a dual head design two sides one tool one side for smooth de-matting and the other for quick coating thinning and shedding. Pamper your fur baby with this pain free the teeth on this brush for shedding are rounded which makes sure you furry friends’ skin is safe from irritation. This tool is perfect for both big and small animals and great for all kinds of coats and can be used all year round.

 Why get yours?

  • Easy to use: This easy-to-use knot remover can be used on a variety of coats for both removing knots and thinning. This is perfect for seasonal shedding, skin scar, long coat management.
  • Durability: This tool will sustain its durability even after extensive use. The strong handle provides great grip when in use and is made of rubber and plastic. The comb head is made of stainless steel.

  • Measurements: This handy easy to use tool measures 9cm by 17 cm, making it the ideal size to use all animals.


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