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The litefan pro

The litefan pro

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 Brighten and cool your environment with this stylish, compact Litefan Pro

This stylish, modern fan will not only give you bright ring lighting in any environment but also cool wind on a hot day. 

Use the Litefan Pro on its tripod or using the hook provided to hang above.  The Litefan Pro can be used in any setting both inside at home, the office, children's rooms or outdoors for camping, travelling. With a built-in timing key you can rest with ease, knowing the fan and light will turn off by itself. 
You can simply pack it up in your luggage and take with you during hiking or keep it in your car. With a USB port the Litefan Pro can be charged anywhere on the go when needed.
The Litefan Pro has three wind fan settings, which on a full charge can last up to 27 hours using the first wind gear and up to 8 hours suing the third wind gear. The litefan Pro can also amazingly charge other devices such as your mobile phone, making it the perfect companion. 
Why get yours? 
  • Versatility - This travel size combined fan and ring light is perfect for any environment. You can use this on the go when out camping or at home in your own space.  You can use the Litefan Pro on the tripod and adjust the fan and light angle or hang it above use the hook provided. Perfect in a tent, over a table. The litefan Pro can also support charging your phone is an emergency. 

  • Durability - The USB charging port makes easy to charge and use over and over again. You can charge the Lifefan Pro using a charging port in your car, computer or the mains. The battery on the Litefan Pro means it can be used up to 27 hours on a full charge. 
  • Safety - This simple but effective tool can be used safely in any environment. With a built-in timing key, you can simply put this in place at a press of a button. This will ensure the Litefan Pro turns off allowing you to sleep and rest at ease. The simple buttons make it an easy tool for anyone to use. 
  • Usage- The Litepro can give up to 27 hours usage on the 1st gear, 13 hours on the 2nd gear and 8 hours on the 3rd gear. It can be used to charge other devices such as you mobile phone, perfect for on the go such as hiking, camping or just out and about. 


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