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The smart tech cleaner

The smart tech cleaner

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Keep your high-end tech such as headphones, tablets, phones and monitors clean and hygienic with this five in one cleaning product.  

The smart tech cleaner has five cleaning tools built into one making it easy to clean just about any tech within your home. Simply slide up the button on the side of the smart tech cleaner which will bring up three tools which can be used to clean headphones and cases. A metal nib can be used to clean ear wax and dust from your ear pods keeping them hygienic. A high-density brush head can be used to clean sound outlet both on your earphones and your phone. The smart tech cleaner can be filled with a cleaning product suitable for screens, when filled you can spray and wipe down your phone or any screen leaving your screens clean. 

*Please note cleaning liquid is not included


Why get yours?  

Easy to use: The Smart tech cleaner is a small but ingenious product which is suitable to clean many of your handheld tech or in house tech such as TV’s and laptops etc.  It is also small in size and light in weight making it easy to use and store anywhere suitable for you. Tuck it away in your draw, leave it on your desk or pop it in your bag. This stylish, practical little cleaner will be perfect. 

Versatility: The Smart tech cleaner is made from hight quality plastic giving it a premium feeling and look. The spray to clean screens can be refilled at your convenience thus making it a small portable device which you can keep with you at all times rather than large cleaning sprays.  

Measurements: The Smart tech cleaner is a small handheld device measuring 3.8cm (L) x 1.8cm (W) x 7.5cm (H). It can be put away in your bag, draw or even just left out on your desk so you have easy access to it. 


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